# Introduction

# Do you only work with corporate reports? what about economic data?

We are working on this too. Exerica’s core algorithms should enable the structuring of the vast bulk of the world’s financial and economic data.

# How is exerica better than xbrl data?

XBRL is a global standard for storing and exchanging business information. Exerica is a solution that extracts, structures and stores business information in ANY user format, including XBRL if need be.

XBRL data is still prepared manually by people transcribing and tagging numbers in original company reports. This always leaves room for error. More importantly, there is a lot of financial data left outside the scope of XBRL regulatory requirements.

Finally, Exerica is not just a technology. It is also a unique user interface solution embedded into the Analyst’s environment: MS Excel and PDF viewer.

# How does the user interface work?

The Analyst stays in their natural environment, which includes MS Excel and a PDF viewer. Nothing changes in the way they do their analysis except that the Excel spreadsheet needs to connect to the Exerica database. This happens in one of two ways:

Exerica’s customised Excel formulas return the desired items to the Exerica database. They can be manipulated and analysed, the same as the parameters in any other Excel formula. An update of an existing spreadsheet for a new reporting period would literally become a simple matter of swapping cells with formulas or changing the “Date” parameter in them.

See Exerica Blog for more detail (opens new window)

# How fast is exerica?

How long does it take for Exerica to process a freshly published company report? Five minutes on average. The visual quality of images, and the PDF, and the length of the report are the main factors.